Yamaha Pianos

The Yamaha brand of pianos may be best known for digital style keyboards, but the popular company manufactures and sells everything from grand pianos to small synthesizers and work stations. Pianos designed by Yamaha tend to be of fairly high quality, but lower priced options are also available. With more than 125 years in the business, Yamaha is a classic piano maker that many pianists trust. The rich and famous as well as the beginner piano player are all able to find a Yamaha product designed for them.

Piano players trust Yamaha due to its long history of success. Starting with the first reed organ designed by Torakusu Yamaha and culminating in a worldwide brand known for quality, Yamaha has grown by leaps and bounds. Artists such as Alicia Keyes, Sheryl Crow, and Elton John all depend on Yamaha products to help them make beautiful music.

Currently, Yamaha designs a total of 13 different kinds of pianos. One of the more popular Yamaha products is the Portable Keyboard. This keyboard is designed with mobility in mind and is great for those just starting to play. With built in interactive tutorials, the Yamaha Portable Keyboard is constructed to provide individuals with a crash course in operating a digital-focused keyboard. These keyboards claim hundreds of sounds and effects that allow for more than just simple piano play.

One of the newer ventures of the Yamaha piano product line is the Artist Signature Series piano line. This line is developed in collaboration with Yamaha artists. One of the pianos in this line is the Elton John Red Piano. Constructed around a Yamaha Disklavier Mark IV, this red grand piano was created by both Yamaha designers and Elton John himself.

Another of Yamaha's successful piano lines is its Stage Piano. This keyboard is designed to be somewhat mobile, but also comes with the sound quality and clarity desired by stage musicians. The Stage Piano is designed for both studio musicians and live performers. Although a little heavier than the Portable Keyboard, players who take advantage of this musical instrument are given a deeper, richer sound that mimics a more fully acoustic option.

Yamaha's Premium Piano line consists of hand crafted grand pianos with an aesthetic beauty as well as musical beauty. The Grand Piano line from Yamaha is designed with the classical pianist in mind and is designed to create the richest possible audio quality. The Disklavier Piano line is also acoustic, but comes with the ability to record and play back. Yamaha also offers hybrid pianos that create acoustic sound but also come with the latest, built-in digital technology.

Due to the amount of piano options offered by Yamaha, few other piano manufacturers can claim the following that Yamaha has. With a rich history and a slew of famous musicians backing them, Yamaha continues to build quality pianos for both the digital artist and the acoustic lover. Yamaha has created a line of pianos for those at any level and should be considered as a premier option that is designed to meet a wide range of needs.

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