Steinway & Sons Pianos

Steinway is a name synonymous with premier grand pianos. The Steinway and Sons company is built on an over 150-year history of success and innovation, and their pianos reflect that history. Steinway is world renowned for its grand and concert grand piano quality. Both the response and action offered from genuine Steinway instruments cannot be matched. With such a reputation for quality, it is no wonder that hundreds and thousands of musicians around the world choose Steinway pianos for studio use as well as for live performances.

The company was established in 1853 by a German immigrant by the name of Henry Engelhard Steinway. Centered in New York City, and with education gleaned from various apprenticeships throughout Europe, Henry Steinway and his sons built pianos by hand in a small apartment loft in Manhattan. Since then, the quality of Steinway pianos has continuously improved. Although today the company is much larger than it was in the 1800's, Steinway pianos are still constructed by hand. Each individual instrument developed by Steinway takes approximately one year to complete.

Pianos built by Steinway are designed with the most rigorously inspected parts. No matter the model or piano type, Steinway selects only the highest quality materials for piano production. From world renowned plates (harp), to one-piece rims, the pianos from Steinway offer a sound that is unmatched by other manufacturers. Even the wood used by Steinway is aged in their own yards with the strictest moisture levels and quality assurance in the industry.

Steinway pianos are known not only for their supreme sound, but also for their incredibly responsive touch. With devotion from musical legends such as Igor Stravinsky and Frans Liszt, the Steinway name was and is depended upon by world class artists. As one of the most dependable grand piano manufacturers in business today, keeping the trust and interest of customers both famous and retail is one of Steinway's major accomplishments. Because of their responsive touch, Steinway pianos are sought after for their ease of play and beauty of sound.

Steinway pianos are enjoyed by artists that range from pop stars to classical pianists as well as jazz performers. The classical pianists Lang Lang, Emanuel Ax, popular artists such as Billy Joel, and even "immortal" musicians such as Irving Berlin and Cole Porter all selected Steinway as their instrument of choice. The Steinway company claims that, at present, over 1,600 musical artists choose Steinway over any other piano manufacturer. With musical greats such as Sergei Rachmaninoff and Arthur Rubinstein, it is no wonder that Steinway's brand is recognized by musicians the world over.

Generation after generation, Steinway and Sons of New York City is recognized as a name synonymous with quality sound and playability. Each piano is painstakingly crafted over a year's time and with only the highest quality parts. Individuals are assured that each and every Steinway will exceed expectations. Since Steinway offers both upright pianos and grand and concert options as well, players of all types are able to find a model that meets the needs of the space and the skill of the individual. World renowned musicians and music enthusiasts continually choose genuine Steinway pianos as prized home possessions, studio instruments, and even concert hall mainstays.

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