Mason & Hamlin Pianos

Mason and Hamlin is one of the oldest and most sought after piano manufacturers in the world. With a history of quality piano production that goes back more than 150 years, Mason and Hamlin is a dependable manufacturer of both grand pianos and upright pianos.

The Mason and Hamlin company was founded in Haverhill, Massachusetts in the year 1854. Since that date, this piano manufacturer has grown from a company of two young Americans to a company with a name recognized around the world. Thanks to its long history, Mason and Hamlin has continually refined its practices to produce instruments of the quality that attract both professional pianists and piano collectors as well.

At present, the models Mason and Hamlin develops include the Model A, Model AA, Model B, Model BB, and Model CC-94.

Those who desire a Mason and Hamlin piano that does not take up much space should consider an upright as a more adequate option. Currently, Mason and Hamlin consistently produces only one model of upright. The Model 50 is an attractive upright piano that is designed to be easily placed up against a wall to save space. With the same quality parts and construction, the upright piano option from Mason and Hamlin produces a deeper, richer sound than any other off-brand upright piano on the market.

Mason and Hamlin has also developed a Monticello Art Case Collection that is constructed with interior design in mind. This collection of grand pianos is built with aesthetics in mind, and offers musicians a more attractive option. Individuals interested in a more aesthetically pleasing piano should consider the Monticello Art Case Collection as the premier piano choice. Both the Model A and the Model BB can be designed with finishes in Ebony, Satin Mahogany, as well as Satin Rosewood. Each option offers the same professional grade materials as traditional grand pianos.

In order to stay current and relevant in the modern era, Mason and Hamlin also offers player systems. These systems convert a piano into an instrument that self-plays. With a built in IQ and the option to play a variety of CDs, the PianoDisc system available from Mason and Hamlin converts classic instruments into an easily enjoyable home entertainment device.

As a manufacturer with over 150 years of experience, Mason and Hamlin crafts handmade pianos that are designed with professional quality. The materials used and construction methods taken culminate in a product that is quite attractive and sounds beautiful as well. With several models and styles available, almost anyone can find a piano option that meets specific design and music needs.

Mason and Hamlin is a quality manufacturer with a rich history of success.

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