Kawai Pianos

Kawai is an incredibly popular company that makes not only digital pianos, but upright and grand pianos as well. Although not the oldest name in grand pianos and acoustic options, Kawai does have a total of 85 years of quality piano production behind it. Kawai is known as a quality option amongst both professional and novice players who are looking for a non-handmade option in piano manufacturing. Since Kawai is still run and managed by the founding family, now in its third generation, musicians can be sure they will purchase a quality instrument that is dependable and beautiful.

With a slogan of "the finest name in pianos", Kawai has quite a bit to live up to. Kawai offers a total of 10 grand pianos, each of which are designed with a nice finish that is as beautiful as the sound that it generates. Some of the models available include the RX1, RX2, RX3, RX5, RX6, RX7, GM10K, GM12, GE30. With a design that is capped off with a pristine black finish, these pianos are both striking and memorable.

Perhaps the most bang for the buck in the industry, Kawai digital piano options offer users the chance to take the "finest" sound in the industry on the road. Some of Kawai's most popular products include the portable digital models EP3 and ES7. With digital options that range from replicas of uprights to grand options that are difficult to tell apart from traditional acoustic options. In fact, Kawai offers a total of nine series of digital pianos from which to choose. The digital options from Kawai are designed to produce a sound that is as close to acoustic as possible.

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