Fazioli Pianos

One of the more recent concert grand piano manufacturers to see a fairly high level of success is Fazioli. Unlike most companies that manufacture more than one type of piano, Fazioli concentrates their efforts solely on grand pianos. The professional level concert grand pianos constructed by Fazioli are designed for use primarily by professional pianists, but can also be purchased by piano collectors and enthusiasts. As a more recent company, Fazioli utilizes a more modern design in their piano manufacturing.

The company Fazioli was founded by the engineer and pianist Paolo Fazioli in 1981. Since Paolo is not only a pianist but also an engineer, the science of Fazioli pianos is unique. With the skills needed in both the music field as well as engineering skills, Fazioli is quickly becoming a sought-after brand of grand piano.

This manufacturer crafts both traditional grand pianos as well as concert grand pianos. Fazioli does not, however, develop or sell upright pianos or digital pianos. The grand piano options from Fazioli include the F series and a total of 11 special models available. Each of the instruments designed by Fazioli come with their own benefits and drawbacks. The sound of a special model concert grand might sound nothing like the options from the F series, and vice versa.

The F series of Fazioli pianos includes a total of six models for pianists and collectors to choose from. The list of F series pianos includes the following: F156, F183, F212, F228, F278, as well as F308. Consulting with the Fazioli company will allow consumers to detail their needs and more easily select a model that is designed with those needs in mind. Each of the grand piano models is designed with an aesthetically pleasing black finish that is both classical and modern in its design.

Although Fazioli does not produce any upright or digital models, their focus on the craft of manufacturing grand and concert grand pianos makes them a premier concert hall option. With other special models that include M.Liminal, Macassar, Malachite and more, the color options as well as the design options available from Fazioli makes up for the lack of an upright or digital option. The Fazioli special models collection also offers models such as the Marco Polo, the Royal, the Silver, the Strauss, as well as the Walnut California Brier.

Located in Sacile, Italy, the Fazioli factory crafts beautiful grand pianos and concert grand pianos. With more than 30 years of experience, Fazioli is quickly gaining status in the minds and hearts of pianists worldwide. Since Fazioli commits to utilizing quality materials, the pianos that are developed by the company are consistently of high quality. Paolo Fazioli established a company that concentrated on both musicality and engineering in the development of grand and concert grand pianos.

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