Bösendorfer Pianos

For a handcrafted piano with a rich history, pianists from around the globe choose Bösendorfer. The Bösendorfer company hails its beginnings with Ignaz Bösendorfer's application for a business license in the city of Vienna in 1828. Since then, Bösendorfer has gained a reputation for being one of the premier grand piano options in the world. With a handmade touch, each Bösendorfer piano is a completely unique work of art.

Presently, Bösendorfer crafts pianos in a total of seven different styles with a size range from 170 cm to their largest option at 290 cm. Bösendorfer is known for its hand crafted grand pianos and offers varied options for those interested in such an instrument. Each grand piano series is named with the cm size denoting its style. The options available to pianists are the Model 290 Imperial, Model 225, Model 200, Model 170, Model 280, Model 214, and Model 185.

Finding a Bösendorfer for sale outside of the company itself is a little bit rare, but there are venues that carry them. Perhaps the best way to go about owning one of the renowned grands is to contact the company itself. With an option to "design your own piano", individuals are able to select features that meet very specific needs. Everything from jewels to elaborate color schemes and more can be integrated into a Bösendorfer self-designed piano.

Those interested in a Bösendorfer but are on a budget should consider their upright piano options. Both the model 120 CL and 130 CL are designed with an upright construction that saves some space. These upright options are designed with a full 88 keys, but are small enough to fit into almost any room.

Although wealthy beginners might be able to afford a Bösendorfer , the quality of such a piano is designed with professionals and enthusiasts in mind. Most Bösendorfer pianos take a total of one year of hand crafting to completely finish, making them an expensive option. The quality, however, is certainly considered top-notch among pianists around the world. Since a limited quantity of Bösendorfer pianos exist, many choose to purchase them as more of an investment rather than a simple instrument.

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